About WKK

WKK is a leading importer and distributor that is specialized in fixation materials. For over 30 years, WKK guarantees an optimal customer service!

To give you an impression of the founders of WKK and the developments that our company has been through in recent years, we have outlined a number of milestones below that show the history of WKK:

– 1984: founding of WKK Nederland by Mr Edward Willems and Mr Jozef Kouwenberg
– 1992: founding of subsidiary WKK Deutschland GmbH
– 2002: founding of subsidiary WKK Polska Sp. z o. o.
– 2008: founding of subsidiary WKK Italy s.r.l.
– 2009: founding of subsidiary WKK Automotive. This subsidiary focuses on the development and production of plastic clips for the automotive and solar industry
– 2010: appointed as authorised European importer and distributor of Hongshang heat shrink tubing
and accessories
– 2011: founding of subsidiary WKK Shanghai. This subsidiary focuses on the assembly of special fixation clips for the automotive and solar industry

Over the years, the companies of WKK have gradually built up a good and reliable reputation throughout Europe. This reputation is due to the fact that WKK supplies fixation materials to virtually every European country.

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