Detectable cable ties with highest detectability

Detectable cable ties

These cable ties are particularly suitable for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, animal feedingstuffs and chemical industry. In these industries, special attention is paid to prevent product contamination by metal, X-ray and visual detection devices. Cut ends of cable ties must be avoided here.

Optimal safety / Highest detectability
A unique manufacturing process, in which small metal parts are evenly mixed with the common used raw material for cable ties (Polyamide 6.6), makes it possible to detect small fragments of a cable tie. It should be noted that the density of the small metal parts in the WKK detectable cable ties is higher than in other types of detectable cable ties. This ensures that these cable ties have the largest magnetic attraction. A striking blue color of the cable tie makes visual detection possible. Both detection ways take care of an optimal safety / detectability.

Comply with European regulations for HACCP
Detectable cable ties can help users to achieve European regulations for HACCP. HACCP is a systematic, preventive approach of food safety which tackles physical, chemical and biological risks by way of prevention rather than inspection of finished products.

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Detectable cable ties - Optimal safety - Highest detectability

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