WKK presents heat shrink tubing and cable ties at Hannover Messe 2015

Hannover Messe 2015

For many years, WKK participates at the
Hannover Messe: the most important industrial trade fair in the world. During these years, the
Hannover Messe and WKK have undergone an enormous development that has a striking similarity. The Hannover Messe has grown to a trade fair which includes multiple core themes (such as “automation
& IT” and “energy & engineering”) where the latest innovations and trends are brought to the attention of specialists in these fields. WKK has evolved, in recent years, to a specialist in the fields of heat shrink tubing and cable ties which are often used in the energy sector for different purposes.

In the upcoming edition of the Hannover Messe, which will be held from 13 – 17 April 2015, WKK can be found in hall 13, booth number B75. Here we will present different possibilities in the field of heat shrink tubing: from thin-wall up to heavy-wall tubing and from moulded parts up to assortments and mini boxes heat shrink tubing. Further we will present many different types of cable ties in various lengths, widths and colors and in various tensile strengths. Hereby you can think of standard Polyamide 6.6 (PA 66), heat resistant, Polypropylene, Tefzel®, Releasable and stainless steel cable ties.

We are confident that we will enthuse many specialists in the energy sector with the products mentioned above and therefore we can not wait until the Hannover Messe 2015 starts. If you are planning to go to this trade fair and visit WKK, please contact Mrs. Marije Evers (tel. +31(0)13 507 54 25, e-mail marije.evers@wkk.nl) to get free admission tickets. We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth!

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