New: detectable cable ties

Detectable cable ties

WKK has added a new type of cable tie to its extensive range of cable ties: detectable cable ties. Detectable cable ties are made from modified Polyamide 6.6 with a unique ‘filler’, which ensures that the cable ties are detectable by conventional detection devices.

Detectable cable ties are used in industries and sectors where special attention is paid to preventing product contamination. E.g. the food and pharmaceutical industry where cut ends of cable ties are not accepted.

Another important advantage of detectable cable ties is that they can help you to achieve the European regulations for HACCP. HACCP is a systematic, preventive approach of food safety that tackles physical, chemical and biological risks by way of prevention rather than inspection of finished products.

Main applications

– Food and beverage processing
– Pharmaceutical production
– Production of chemicals and compounds
– Production of tires and airbags
– Other pollution sensitive sectors that make use of detection devices


– Detectable by metal detectors
– Blue color for easy visual detection
– Suitable to comply with the European regulations for HACCP
– Halogen free
– Made from modified Polyamide 6.6 with a unique ‘filler’
– Available in 4 sizes, in userfriendly, resealable, little bags

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