The founding of WKK Automotive

In 2009, WKK established a new subsidiary: WKK Automotive. This subsidiary focuses on the development and production of plastic clips for the automotive industry. The clips are used for the fixation and guidance of cables in vehicles.

ISO/TS 16949 certification

By becoming ISO/TS 16949 certified, WKK Automotive has created the opportunity to serve leading companies in the automotive industry. In a relatively short period, WKK Automotive has expanded to become a leading partner / producer for diverse large car manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

Market segments

In recent years, WKK has not only successfully introduced the plastic clips to the automotive industry, but also to the market segments relating to the construction of trucks, trailers and machines. Moreover, the PV-market (Photo Voltaic or solar market) has become an interesting market. WKK Automotive has developed 2 special clips for this purpose, which can be used without any accessories, to attach and lead cables and profiles that are widely used in this market.

Custom clips

As a manufacturer of plastic clips, WKK Automotive offers the opportunity to custom made clips that meet the customers specific wishes. The custom development of e.g. automotive / solar clips is no problem for WKK Automotive. WKK Automotive is capable of turning an idea into a usable product that is available within a short period.

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