WKK: specialist in fixation materials

WKK is a leading importer and distributor that is specialized in fixation materials which offer a high quality solution for fixing, connecting, guiding and protecting cables for several industries. We serve customers throughout Europe from our office in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Poland.

Cable ties and accessories

Available in various sizes and colours.

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Heat shrink tubing

Available in thin-wall, dual-wall, medium-wall and heavy-wall executions. With and without glue.

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Fixation clamps general

Fixation clips

Widely used in the automotive and solar industry.

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Various fixation materials


Cable glands and junction boxes, terminals, cable end-sleeves, grommets, braided sleeving, tapes, etc.

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Extensive and deep range

WKK offers you a wide and deep range of fixation materials which comprises many different types of cable ties, heat shrink tubing, automotive / solar clips, cable glands, terminals, cable end-sleeves, grommets and braided sleeving. We also offer you the opportunity to have products custom made to meet your specific requirements.